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Ms Kamla Poddar
Chairperson, KPG

A very strong-willed and multi-faceted personality, Ms. Kamla Poddar is responsible for transforming the education scene in Rajasthan. She recognized the need of the hour in professional education and brought to Jaipur the best of education in variety of fields, with the establishment of KPI in 1999. Ms Poddar is contributing to the education sector around two decades, churning career-oriented professionals into various industries.

Vision turned into Reality

Mrs Kamla Poddar started her career on a humble note in 1994. Mrs Kamla Poddar believed that education was an opportunity which no individual should be deprived of. In the time when students primarily opted for mainstream subjects, she saw opportunity for young aspirants in unconventional fields. She decided to bring the best in career-oriented education to Rajasthan.

Education of girls and women was a prime focus area for Ms Poddar. In Rajasthan's conservative environment where young girls were not given adequate opportunities, Ms Kamla Poddar introduced co-ed institutes to encourage girls to shape their careers.

In 1999, she started the Kamla Poddar Institutes (KPI). The Inter National Institute of Fashion Design (INIFD) was the first institute to operate under the aegis of KPI. Today, it has grown to be reckoned as one of the most acclaimed centres of INIFD, nationally and internationally.

There has been no looking back since the inception of KPI. Growing from strength to strength, tying up with leading institutes and offering accredited courses, KPI has come a long way. The institutes include PIIT and Flying Cats. INIFD's Jaipur campus has been chosen as India Fashion Week's first and proud 'knowledge partner'. Today, it's been 18 years since its inception, KPI has not only encouraged students to choose unconventional streams, but has also shaped innumerable promising careers.

Mr Abhishek Poddar

Mr. Abhishek Poddar, Director of the Kamla Poddar Institutes is a young, dynamic leader who has now taken upon himself the task of steering the progress of the Kamla Poddar Institutes even further. A management post graduate, Mr Poddar pursued his specialisation in marketing.

He has to his credit a sound background and experience that he has gained over the years of his working in the corporate world. Mr Poddar has contributed to organisations that he has worked with, with path-breaking strategies and solutions. A key person at various levels and different organisations, Mr Poddar has worked in the areas of logistic operations, inventory management, and inventory & operational re-structuring. He also has a rich experience in market development, supply chain management, dealer network management and process audit and re-engineering.

The diverse experience in varied fields of corporate world have sharpened his expertise and undoubtedly made him a dynamic leader. Mr Poddar believes in channelising the power of youth constructively, thereby accentuating the growth of the nation.