If you have the passion for creativity and a sense of style, then a career in designing may be an ideal option for you. The well-structured course format of any design college is thoroughly researched to impart maximum benefit to the students in the shortest time. It will also help students understand and analyze the ever-changing trends of the design industry, understand evolving consumers and market.

Kamla Poddar Institutes, Jaipur in association with INIFD offers various design certificate courses & specialization programs.

Fashion Design

One of the most sought after courses in the world, Fashion Design is a great career path in today's world. If you have a passion for clothes, style, creativity and designing, then fashion design is the career for you.

Kamla Poddar Institutes in association with INIFD offers certificate courses in fashion industry. The fashion industry satisfies the desire of glamour, fame and success on the one hand and creative fancies and ideas on the other. INIFD since its birth has kept up to its promise of breeding a generation of designers, who are now sought-after names in the fashion fraternity.

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Interior Design

Interior design has become a viable career option for many creative individuals, who have a flair for decor. However, there's more to it than just the inclination - there's ability. To be a good interior designer you need several skills - some in-built, and some acquired.

KPI in association with INIFD offers certificate courses in Inerior design. The course work is an interdisciplinary approach integrated with concepts of material science and design skills.

Students are encouraged to work on live projects in association with major architects and interior design companies besides internships in the industry. Workshops help students to produce textile design solutions for architecture or interior design applications.

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Textile Design

KPI Jaipur in association with INIFD offers courses in Textile design.

Textile design has been an age old professional course that offers students understanding of textile design related problems in detail. It comprises an understanding of technical methods both modern and traditional.

The textile design course introduces students to the fundamental aspects of design including drawing and observational interpretation, media and material exploration and design development. All pathways share knowledge where you experience a variety of textile disciplines such as stitching, fabric manipulation, knitting, weaving and screen printing.

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