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Information Technology (IT) is a division of engineering defining an application sphere that utilizes the functionality of state-of-the-art computer applications to stream the storage, transmission, retrieval and handling of data. This stream also encapsulates other sectors where circulation of information is a requisite such as telecommunication. IT courses are one of the most crucial front-runners and is becoming a popular choice amongst young aspirants. The IT course takes into account the various sectors of the information transmission cycle including the learning, planning, advancement modelling, execution, sustenance and management of information based computing systems. These computer application courses are framed to prepare students for the awaiting major career challenges including software development, internet networking, project life cycle management and hardware compatibility management.

KPI is one of the most prominent IT institutes based in Jaipur. The courses are offered under PIIT. The computer application program is structured to help students imbibe IT knowledge integrated with real-time practical experience for enhanced conceptual learning. This institute encourages various internship programs to help acquaint students with the environment and operations of IT organizations.

Self-governed projects under the guidance of highly-qualified faculty members help students think out-of-the-box and enhance their understanding of Information Technology. In all, we provide a nurtured sphere for budding talents to explore beyond limits!

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